Copilot no-code development platform

Build custom business applications
without the hassle of coding.

Copilot, swiftly meets the software needs of businesses with its safe and flexible no-code development platform.

How It Works?

Why should you use Copilot for your business?

Because it allows you to create safe,

fast-responding data applications that meet your needs using only your browser.

Without coding difficulty.

Rapid application development

Develop apps easily by dragging and dropping without the hassle of coding.

Advanced role management

Each part of our applications can be managed for user-based and role-based authorization.


Each piece of data that is created by your application is published in an integrated, meaningful and interactive way.

SOA and

Easy and complete integration with third-party business applications as an independent app.

copilot cloud computing

No web page, there is native business app running on the cloud.

No annoying navigation times between pages.

No items that are not focused on the keyboard and non-standard keyboard interaction and shortcuts.

Microsoft Azure Certified Solution

No public resources, there is your private cloud.

Private cloud hosting by definition is a single-tenant environment where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to your business.

Security – Because private clouds are dedicated to your business, the hardware, data storage and network can be designed to assure high levels of security that cannot be accessed by other clients in the same data center.

Customizable – Hardware performance, network performance and storage performance can be specified and customized in the private cloud.

Hybrid Deployments – If a dedicated server is required to run a high speed database application, that hardware can be integrated into a private cloud, in effect, hybridizing the solution between virtual servers and dedicated servers. This can’t be achieved solely in a public cloud.

Custom Host – You can add custom domains to your business app. (

your private cloud

Where is my data actually stored ?

54 regions worldwide, available in 140 countries

datacenter locations

Copilot, offering the scale needed to bring applications closer to users around the world, preserving data residency, and offering comprehensive compliance and resilience options for customers.

copilot advanced technology

Utilize advanced technology in your business.

Work with the application that squarely meets your needs and enjoy consistently developed Copilot technologies that comes standard together with the interfaces developed just for you.

Copilot is the ultimate solution for the perfect functioning and expansion of your business.

Enjoy high efficiency and added value with less effort. Remove obstacles in your business, achieve real results and achieve your objectives!

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